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About me

Slavena is a female name of Slavic descent referring to a woman who likes celebrating. I have chosen it because it vanished from our nameday calendar but not quite from our distant memory. Yes, I am a Slovak woman and I am aware how important it is to know one’s roots and cherish one’s ancestors and their legacy to be able to stand firmly in one’s life today, honouring those who came before us and having a loving heart for those who will come after us. Let us use well those invaluable moments of life when something in us changes, emerges, comes of age, loves or departs. Let us slow down and celebrate life in those moments. Let us be sure that our forebears trod all the paths we are walking today. Let us not be afraid to take off our shoes and feel the connection with the Earth.

Welcome to my website!

I invite you to join me on journeys in the pursuit of knowledge.

I am an experience-tourism guide. My mission is to intermediate experiences and encounters and to make ordinary days special through a bit of magic and the joy of connection with power sites in nature as well as in ourselves.

I am fascinated by myths, legends, and anything mysterious. I have spent years travelling in the footprints of ancient people such as the Etruscans, Celts, Vikings, and Romans. I am enchanted by the customs and lives of Native Americans and their shamans. Getting to know other cultures I have come to realize my own Slavic identity, awakening a healthy sense of pride of and respect for the culture of our ancestors in me.

As a Priestess of the Goddess, I also accompany through rites of passage such as name giving, menarche, coming of age, birthday celebrations, pre-marital rites, handfasting ceremonies (weddings), antenatal rites,

and farewells to the country, partners or the deceased.

I enjoy growing medicinal herbs, making natural remedies, teas and ointments with my children. I am a big fan of nature as the greatest and wisest teacher. I am also a certified translator, founder of the "A.vitae" -  aqua vitae/crystal water" project and the Children of the Earth fellowship.


Through the reviving of traditions and knowledge of one’s own roots I walk the path of passing on the legacy of a joyful and harmonious life with respect for and in harmony with the rhythm of the Earth and the gifts of life thereon.

The offer of my activities includes:

7/2019 - Trip to the 20th Irschen Herb Festival

5/2019 - Trip in the footsteps of the Celts in Ireland, including the quest for a connection to the line of ancestors in a Neolithic stone circle and a sleep-over in a light-house.

9,10/2018 - Workshop, held at Devin Castle, on ancient Slavs, myths, legends,

and the runic script.

9,10,12/2018 - Moon Lodge, encounters in a red tent exploring the female archetypes of the Maiden, Lover, Mother, and Wise woman.

Lectures on the aqua vitae/crystal water.

Creative workshops for children, thematically focused depending on the seasonal festival on wheel of the year.  

Your bespoke ceremonies designed just for you that you will always remember and hold close to your heart. Let the Elements witness you and bless you during your special day.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.

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